31 March 2010

April To Do List

  • Start annual seeds indoors such as marigold and lavatera.
  • Thin seedlings previously started.
  • To induce branching on seedlings, pinch seedlings above the first pair of true leaves (the second pair) thus removing the uppermost portion.
  • Using a 20-20-20 fertilizer diluted to half strength, feed seedling regularly.
  • If using grow lights, raise them to accommodate growth but no more than three inches above the top leaves.
  • Transplant branched seedlings into cell-packs, one per cell.
  • Finish pruning shrubs and trees (except birches and maples). Birches and maples are best pruned in January or July.
  • Gently pull back mulch  from crowns of growing perennials.
  • Cut down all clematis vines EXCEPT spring-flowering types.
  • Using a fan-shaped rake, remove leaves and other debris from lawns when dry enough to walk on.
  • Once garden beds are dry, remove dead plant material.  Amend beds at this time with compost.
  • While working in beds, watch for early tulips, crocus, puschkinia, squill and hepatica flowers.
  • Check eavestroughs and downspouts for proper drainage.  Set up rain barrels, clean and maintain as necessary.
  • If you still have snow in your yard, shovel some onto your garden beds and around trees. 
  • You may need to water, especially your trees and shrubs.  DO NOT allow them to dry out as they will soon be budding and the sap running.  Check your soil to the depth of the blade on your garden spade (careful of roots), if it is dry, water.

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