10 December 2013

Festival of Trees 2013

The Shaw Conference Center is the annual destination for the Festival of Trees which is a major fundraiser for the U of A Hospital.  It's been a couple years since I have volunteered at the festival and I've missed doing so.  This visit reinforced those feelings.  

This year's event was held over the November 29 -December 1/13 weekend.  I went on the 30th. The following photos are just a sampling of a small area within the large conference rooms which are a popular site for graduations, conferences, etc.  The entire lower level of the conference centre was decorated for the event.  You can't help but get excited for the upcoming season when you attend.  Children and adults alike love this event!

Yes, this tree is made with rolls of wrapping paper!

An Edmonton Book Blogger designed this tree using hand-made mini books.  
The theme is "Fairyland."

More to come......

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Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" loves it! - and he thanks you for linking with his iPhone Phriday post. :-)


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