22 February 2014


Friday morning, on my way to work at 5 am, I had to stop for a quick iPhone photo of the foggy deserted street.  It's rather difficult to tell in this grainy shot, but the fog hovered around limiting visibility to about a block.  There's something about fog, so atmospheric, it reminds me of old movies I saw as a child.  Not that I can recall any of them, but the feeling remains.  A sense of mystery prevails and my mind conjures up images of a London street shrouded in fog, particularly one by a wharf.  I know you will think it's odd, this fascination of mine, but fog always has this dream like effect on me.


msdewberry said...

My first thought looking at your photo is that you have a lot more snow than we do here in Medicine Hat!! Foggy times remind me of B.C. where we moved from. It was always foggy in the mornings.
Etzicom is between Seven Persons and Bow Island I believe. You have to turn off the highway that leads to Lethbridge to go there. We found the old church on our way. So it is a bit of a distance from Edmonton for sure!

Gordon said...

Wow there is an awfull lot of snow there, great photo, but please keep the snow over there.
All the best Gordon.

Karen said...

I like fog too, except I'm not a fan of driving in it. I agree, there is a sense of mystery and foreboding and also a certain peacefulness, as distant noise is muffled. Wonderful picture!

Joyful said...

I like your photo.

I too have always had a fascination with fog. Perhaps we watched too many old English movies where fog was ever present.

I hope you're keeping warm.


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