01 September 2015

Bucket List and Facing Fear at the Greenheart Canopy Walkway at the UBC.

photo taken by my husband
For a lot of people, this is nothing.  Kids run across the thing for real! But for me, it was a matter of facing a fear.  A fear of losing some of my control, a fear of heights, but mostly a fear of falling down should this network of walkways fail me.

Since I was a young adult watching The Canadian Gardener starring David Tarrant, I wanted to visit the UBC Gardens.  As an adult I put it on my bucket list and earlier this month my husband, a friend and I went while vacationing in Vancouver, visiting our son and his partner.

The gardens were, of course, spectacular but what I will never forget is the experience of walking the Greenway Canopy Walkway.  I'd first learned of it from the UBC Botanical Garden website and then it became a must do, another bucket list item.

I'm the kind of person who likes to live safe.  I don't take risks.  I must feel in control of myself. So this experience was a real stretch for me.  I had excellent cheerleaders.  My husband coaxed me along and Van kept calling out to me "think flowers, think trees, think (Pappa Roti) buns" (which are the most fabulous thing ever!) It all helped and I accomplished the several stretches of walkways that bridged the distance between the canopies of the forest around us.  When I dared to look around me, it was breathtaking. Honestly, though, I spent a lot of time just focusing on a point straight ahead of me.  Every step caused the bridge to sway, but I found the faster I went, the easier it was. Most of my moments of appreciation were on the platforms around the trees where one bridge met the next.  Would I recommend it?  Wholeheartedly!!

The Greenheart Canopy Walkway at the UBC Gardens was awarded "New Garden Experience of the Year," a Canadian Garden Tourism Award this spring; sponsored by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association. Organizations and individuals who have distinguished themselves in the creation and promotion of gardens as a tourism attraction are the criteria from which winners are chosen for Garden Tourism Awards. 

The walkway is named for the Greenheart International Development Corporation which has placed several of these walkways through parks and protected areas in an effort to create awareness and to educate people of the necessity of conservation.   greenheart.ca

New Garden Experience of the Year
UBC Botanical Garden Greenheart Canopy Walk, BC 
Sponsored by: Canadian Nursery Landscape Association - See more at: http://www.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/blog/2015/greenheart-experience-award#sthash.rxiXwgav.dpuf

At these intersecting points plaques were placed encouraging the visitor to further appreciate the beauty of the forest and to learn what they can do to help prevent devastating deforestation.  

About the UBC Botanical Garden:

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; The UBC Botanical Garden is known to be Canada's oldest university botanic garden to have operated continuously since establishment in 1916. Under the directorship of BC's first provincial botanist, the garden was established with the mission to research the native flora of British Columbia (BC).  It has since broadened its spectrum to include research and conservation through teaching and public displays of temperate plants from around the world.  Topics of research include:  plant adaptation, evolution, genomics, plant physiology and biotic interactions, phytochemistry, plant biotechnology, and plant breeding.  The University of British Columbia has an international reputation as one of North Americas's leading research institutions.  


*since a reader decided to Google Pappa Roti, I decided to add a couple photos here for reference:

The next time you're in Vancouver, you simply must look up 
Pappa Roti on Robson Street and have their sweet coffee buns!  Crusty on the outside, fluffy on the inside - lather with your choice of a selection of toppings. 
(I love Nutella with bananas and cream cheese with strawberry.)  
"An indulgent treat."  (www.papparoti.caThey're to die for!!!


Lori E said...

I was holding my breath just reading this. Yikes. Good for you. Of course I had to Google Papa Ritto buns. They seem complicated to make but if you say they are worth it...well..

Shirley said...

Hi Lori,
While the Greenheart Canopy Walkway was a bit intense for me, I'd do it again! If you're ever in Vancouver, you must check out the UBC Gardens, the walkway and the Nitobe Gardens (all on the UBC campus). Van Dusen Gardens in Vancouver is another highly recommended botanical garden you need to include. Follow it all up with a real treat of Pappa Roti's sweet delectable buns for a real treat!

Vancouver offers a plethora of delights for the gardener. It's just breathtaking. I hope you have the opportunity to visit sometime soon. Next time I go, I need at least two weeks to accomplish everything!

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment. Hope all is well for you and your gardening world. Cheers!


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