04 September 2015

The Chill in the Air and What's New

Across the province a cold front has come to rest.  This morning we were 6 Celsius at 6 am. That's mighty chilly for plants and humans alike. The annuals are certainly looking worse for wear and trees are turning colour all around. Autumn is beautiful but why must you come so soon?

In the greenhouse hundreds of poinsettias are growing beautifully, preparing for the next busy season.  Autumn and Halloween decor accent the niches of the gift department and I can imagine the smell of fresh pumpkin pie.  Are you ready for this?  It's coming with or without you or me.  Frankly, I'm hoping for a very long Indian summer.  Temperate days and cool evenings, radiant vibrant foliage all around, walks in nature with the crunch of leaves underfoot, a mug of hot chocolate on the ready and a good book on the side table.  Yes, Autumn, I'll gladly enjoy your offerings.  

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