29 January 2016

STARS Lottery 2016 - the Edmonton House

Every year STARS has a lottery and one of the prizes in each of the major cities of the province is a house. STARS is one of the air ambulance services in our province.  It also covers parts of British Columbia and Saskatchewan.  There are other air ambulance services, but STARS is the biggest and is funded in large part by donations from the public and their annual lottery fundraiser.

This year my daughter and I visited the STARS home in Edmonton.  We found several aspects that we really liked.  Interestingly enough, the laundry is on the upper level.  I spoke to another home builder who told me that is more the norm now, comprising approximately 90% of the new homes they build.  I'm sure it's very convenient for young families.

Here are some of our favourite shots.  Of course the decorating is done with flair.

This beautiful light fixture is the first thing that draws your eye when you walk in.

My daughter really loved this dining set!

Dining table, cast iron fondue set, pantry (behind kitchen connecting to mudroom off garage).

Some of the decorative elements, above and below.

Main floor living room

Master bedroom and closet.  Master bath below.
This is one of the most unique and interesting bathrooms I've ever seen.  I love the ceiling art which is mimicked in the shower stall and the little fireplace by the jetted tub puts out an enormous amount of heat.  

Master bathroom on the left, guest/main bathroom on the right
Bonus/media room
Neither my daughter nor I got photos of the other two bedrooms other than the clock table which was in the room decorated to suit a male child.  I guess we weren't that impressed with them, eh?

The view of the sunset, above, as we were leaving.

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Shirley said...

My thanks to Amanda for taking over the photography when my iPhone ran out of room. Cheers!


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