25 April 2016

Keukenhof, The World's Biggest Flower Garden

Photos free of copyright, provided by Keukenof Gardens
Keukenof Gardens is considered the largest flower garden in the world with over 80 acres of flowers.  There are 2000 varieties of tulips and 7,000,000 bulbs! Keukenof Gardens are open to the public only eight weeks out of the year.  That's a short period of time for the millions of visitors who come by the bus load to see and smell the promise of spring.  

Keukenhof's mission, now and in the future, is to be the international and independent showcase for the Dutch floricultural sector, with a special emphasis on flowering bulbs.

There are eight inspirational gardens comprising Keukenof Gardens.  In addition to these gardens, there are greenhouses and pavillions. The gardens are totally redesigned every year to keep the gardens fresh and innovative. The bulbs are harvested at the end of the season and planting the new design takes place in the fall.  It takes forty gardeners to plant the 7,000,000 bulbs in the newly designed plan.

The above footage was videoed with a drone.  There are some amazing drone shot videos allowing us to see the world as never before. 

And here's one last video of Keukenhof Gardens filmed this spring.

I hope you enjoy these short films and if you like what you see I encourage you to search for more on YouTube.  Perhaps a trip to the Netherlands to see Keukenof Gardens should be added to your bucket list.  I know it's going on mine!  Cheers!

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joo said...

What a gorgeous place it must be!


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