16 April 2016

In the Kitchen with Pinterest: Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Soup

Back in the kitchen again but this time with the slow cooker.  I love the ease and convenience of using a slow cooker.  It ranks right up there among my favourite tools of the kitchen.  

My son and his family were visiting with us for a week and he's on a special diet that has proven quite a challenge for both him and his wife.  There are a lot of things he can't have due to some digestive issues and they're figuring out what is bothering him.  So, I scoured the Pinterest site in search of some meals to make while he was here.  I found a few really good ones like a gluten-free applesauce cake (I'll share that recipe another time) and this butternut squash soup.

When preparing this soup, do follow the ingredient list without substitutions because the levels of flavours are astounding!  To complete the soup you must puree it when cooking time has passed.  I used my food processor but you can use an immersion blender too.  I would have used mine but I noticed the coating on the cord was melted down to the wires.  Did I do that when I was plugging it in?  Not sure, but better safe than sorry.  So food processor it was and it was perfect!  Smooth and delicious!  I forgot to take a photo but here's a screenshot of the Pinterest recipe and the link.  You simply must try it and let me know what you think.


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