15 April 2016

In the Kitchen with Pinterest - Chickpea and Avocado Garden Salad

I've been on a Pinterest kick lately and have been trying some recipes, some delicious, others ok.  This one turned out very good and my husband liked it too, even went back for seconds.  It serves about 6 people and I advise to eat it all the first day.  Avocado doesn't do well longer than that.

I added more tomatoes.  The recipe calls for 3 medium tomatoes, I used 4. Cherry tomatoes would be very good here as they wouldn't add to the liquid, thus the other veggies would likely stay firmer longer.  I thought 2 cans of chickpeas would be a bit much but it was better with two.  I drained and rinsed them well before adding them.  Easy on the red onion if you're not a fan.  This was a delicious recipe and at two servings each, it comprised a couple of meals for both my husband and myself.  The leftovers were not appetizing the next day.  But give it a try and eat it with company so there are no leftovers.  It's a good source of fibre and vitamins and it's filling.  Here's the link to the recipe:


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