26 April 2016

Should I Add a Water Feature?

There are times when I really miss our old house, especially the back garden that we put so much into.  I've been thinking of our pond and waterfall that our son M installed and since I don't know how long we'll be staying in our current house, I am considering options to create the effect without digging up the yard. Perhaps a temporary feature on the deck by the back door or a tabletop fountain?

Recently I watched a video by Laura of Garden Answer (Proven Winners) wherein she made a small waterfall in a pot.  It was really cute and it would be very easy to do.  It wouldn't require a big investment of time nor money either.

But perhaps I want to go bigger?  I'd love more sound and maybe some lights with the option of adding a couple fish.  I'm undecided on the latter though because we'd have to have someone come take care of them should we find the time to get away during the summer.  (I work in a greenhouse so it's not always possible).  Aquascape released this video on YouTube that impressed me.  

What I like about this feature is the plants are water plants, less chance of evaporation to the point of no return, underwater lighting options, possibility of adding fish, a water lily(!). The sound of running water would help me create a peaceful place to relax at the end of the day, a highly desirable thing living in the city!  I'm thinking out loud here.

I'm still looking for options and if I do decide to create a water feature, you'll find out here which option I went with.  Which is your preference?

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