22 July 2010

Water in the Garden = Serenity

My son Matt built this waterfall and pond while in highschool.  We love it!

Above the waterfall looking down

From this angle you can barely see the pond but it shows the planting and lighting well.
I thought a different angle on my usual shots of the pond would be interesting. It is lit at night with solar powered spotlights seen here.  Absolutely gorgeous!  We love to sit around the firepit which is adjacent to the pond and listen to the stream of water as it cascades over the falls into the pond.  It is a little sanctuary back there.

1 comment:

Jester said...

Your son did a most beautiful job!!! I have plans for a waterfall/pond project in the future....so many things that need to be done first....and mine will be right near my chimnea & firepit as well. It's makes all the work of the day all worthwhile!


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