30 July 2010

Architectural Plants

 Tolleson Weeping Juniper

Plants of architectural value monopolize my back garden.  I love the topiaries and even sculpted a Mint Julep Juniper into a pom pom topiary.  Also in the landscape are two weeping Tolleson Junipers, two white pine topiaries, a juniperus chinensis trained with stakes to have four branches in topiary style, another juniper grown upright on a stake to a point of about five feet from where it cascades downwards in its spreading habit.

Clockwise from back left: topiaried white pine, groundcover juniper trained upright to a height of about 5 feet and left to cascade down, Mint Julep Juniper trained to topiary pom pom style

Young's Twisted Weeping Birch.  You see the twisted trunk best in winter.

Trost Dwarf Birch

Three-flowered Maple.  In front, Dwarf Chinese Juniper trained in topiary

 A rare specimen of Three-flowered Maple gracefully sweeps out over the pond.  I am trying to mimic the Japanese style of pruning a maple though it tends to grow faster than I can prune as you can see here.  Maybe I will just stop fighting nature on this one. 

I still wish I had added a Harry Lauder's Walking Stick to the mix.  I love the twisted, twirling branches!

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