22 July 2010

Flowers on Today's Walk

The first three images are flowers planted by homeowners along the path at the top of the ravine.

Wild Rose growing above the ravine

Tansy on a hilltop
Himalayan Impatiens - this one is growing in a neighbour's yard.  I've seen these growing wild down in the ravine.

It's lovely to walk in the ravine, in the midst of the city it feels like you are in the wild.  Herein dwell coyotes, though I've never seen one but heard them, rabbits, the odd deer, woodpeckers, and more wildlife I'm sure I've yet to come across.  There's nothing so sweet as strolling down the path after a rain.  The air hangs pungent with the aroma of poplars and woods.  It's the best time to be there.  Now if only one could bottle that scent!

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