14 July 2010

Giant Hogweed Like Something Out of a Science Fiction Movie

It's like something straight out of science fiction!  A larger than life weed that can burn or blind those who encounter the sap of this hogweed.  Beware this weed is spreading across the country. 

CTV News and Global News both recently ran pieces about this plant.  It looks a bit like a giant lady's mantle but this weed grows upwards of 20 feet and its flower head can reach a metre (just over three feet) across.  It is an attractive plant with purple markings on the stem.  Stay clear if you sight this and tell your local municipality of its location.  Hogweed has been found on Vancouver Island, Toronto and Ottawa area, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador.  It grows in wasteland and ditches.  Flowering only once in its lifespan, between June to August.



Become informed and beware of this giant hogweed.


Melanie said...

Scary stuff.

Shirley said...

Yes, it is. Thanks for stopping by Melanie.

Anonymous said...

This is scary - are there any known plants in the Saanichton area around Centennial Park? Does this plant grow in the shady areas or in full sun, and can it cause skin damage while it is young and less than three feet tall?

Shirley said...

Those are good questions. If you see a plant that fits the description, do not touch it. Contact your city parks department and have them dispose of it. The sap of this plant, regardless of size, can cause burning and blistering of exposed skin when it comes in contact with it and then exposed to sun. It is best to err on the side of caution and let someone from the city determine its identity and removal.

Check the links above for more information too.


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