13 July 2010

Washington's Blog

Another gardening blogger recently posted photos of her trip to the southern States including the oil that was making its way ashore.  (Sorry I tried to find it again but couldn't). It shocked me and yet it didn't.  Having never been there, I cannot comment from a personal perspective but today I checked out the Blogs of Note and came across one called Washington's Blog. One of its latest entries caught my attention, that of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The photos are graphic of the damage caused to wildlife. Like this one taken in May and posted on the Washington's Blog.  It is saddening and makes one wonder if anything, any amount of money, substitute for the lives lost? For the habitat ruined, at least for now?  How long does it take to recover from such a disaster? For those whose livelihood depends on the fishing industry this is catastrophic. Residents in Louisiana and Mississippi, still rebuilding as a result of Hurricane Katrina, now face certain financial despair due to the devastation of the shrimp, fish and shellfish industry that they built their independance on.

Washington's Blog shares with the reader photos and information not readily available to the public due to previous publication bans. Herein you find the answers to questions you may have asked about the condition of the area, the progress made, the implications to the wildlife and humans alike.

If it affects our planet, it affects us. Take a moment to read this blog:


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