01 August 2016

The Gardens of Smeltzer House (1920)

Maurice Smeltzer settled into this home in November of 1892.  The homestead at the time was comprised  of 480 acres.  In 1899 Maurice married a descedent of Robbie Burns, the Scottish poet, a Miss Eliza Pithie.  Their son Frank lived here until 1976 at which time Strathcona County purchased the property.  It was designated a visual arts centre in 1985.  Pottery classes, art shows and other visual arts programs are held here regularly.  In 1985 Smeltzer House was designated a Registered Historic Resource by the Minister of Alberta Culture.

Smeltzer House is enroute to work and I always admire what I can see of the gardens.  For the last few months I have wanted to go explore the grounds so the other day I turned into the parking lot to explore the gardens and the heritage of Smeltzer House.

In addition to a pottery studio, the grounds also have a gazebo which is available to rent for events.  At the time I was there a banner was strung up at the entrance announcing an upcoming wedding.  

I've included a link should you be interested in any of the programs Smeltzer House has to offer.  Pottery seems like an interesting craft to try.


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Rissa said...

I don't live in Stratchona County but I have seen that house while driving by and I have always wondered about its' history, thanks for sharing.

Shirley said...

It has intrigued me all year. Finally, I stopped in. I'm glad I did.


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