13 August 2016

In the Spotlight: Bombshell Hydrangea (hydrangea paniculata Bombshell)

Bombshell Hydrangea (hydrangea paniculata Bombshell)  Discovered in May 2003 in the Netherlands.  

Paniculata hydrangea meaning it grows flowers in pyramid shaped clusters known as panicles.  Bombshell Hydrangea is aptly named because the numerous panicles of white blooms seem to explode from the bush.  It is said to have more flowers per plant than any other paniculata hydrangea.  (though Bobo gives it a challenge).  Each flower within the cluster is a star shape and is sterile.  The fertile flowers are not noticeable within the cluster.

Bombshell hydrangea is a dwarf shrub reaching heights of 2-3 feet and widths of 3-4 feet.  Well-branched.  It is a long-blooming shrub, flowering from July through September.  No drooping.  Flowers are white maturing slowly to a rosy pink before turning brown. Leaves are dark green, ovate and serrated, about 2 1/2 inches long.  Leaves are yellow with a purplish tinge in the fall.  Flowers persist somewhat through winter.

Hardy to zone 3, -40 C or -40 F.

Exposure:  part sun to full sun.

Soil:  moist, well-drained.  Add compost to the hole before planting.  Mulch planted hydrangea to retain moisture and keep weeds at bay.

Blooms on new wood.  It may take a couple years to come into its own but will then provide a nice showing of blooms.  No pruning necessary.

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