02 August 2016

Transforming Edmonton a Tree at a Time - the Effort Towards Green Neighbourhoods

While the city continues to plant new trees on boulevards, the city council has put forth new bylaws to protect existing trees and to give guidelines for the planting of new trees on newly developed spaces.  

Edmonton Alberta has the largest stretch of urban parkland in the country.  I've heard rumours that the size of our river valley parks areas rivals that of Central Park in New York.  The city has put forth new requirements for new housing developments as it applies to landscaping, namely the preservation of existing trees, wherever possible.  It also has put into place minimum requirements for the landscaping of new housing projects wherein the developer or home owner will be required to plant a specific number of plants, depending on the zone and size of the property.  For example, if your new home is sited on property that is less than 10 metres wide, you will be required to plant one deciduous tree with a 50 mm calliper, one coniferous tree and 4 shrubs of specified sizes.  Existing trees on the site will be counted towards the minimum requirement.  Site plans for new houses must now include existing trees if applicable, quantity and size of existing and new trees and seed/sod or other ground cover.  

I know you may be thinking "what business is it of theirs?" While this may seem controlling, it is good news for the preservation of existing trees and to maintain a landscape of urban trees.  Citizens were given the opportunity to provide their input via surveys before this was finalized in council.  With the passing of this initiative into bylaw, measures are now in place to conserve and continuously add to the greening of our city. 


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