01 November 2016

Hello November!

With Halloween by the wayside, November dawned with a dusting of light crystal snowflakes.  As I walked out on the deck this morning, the air was warm enough for the snow to stick.  Miniature crystals perched on flower petals, as if gently dusted there.  I look out the window now to see more flakes falling, their presence much more significant than an hour ago.  

This is not to be long-lived though, if our Beetlejuice weatherman (Global news' Mike Sobel) is to be believed.  The next few days, into the weekend we are forecast to see temperatures in the teens (Celsius).  A joy we haven't experienced in a few weeks!  There's hope I will get my bulbs planted yet!

As chilly as it may be today, tomorrow and the next few days should be brilliant!! I watched a video this morning of my 18 month old grandson doing the Monster Mash dance.  What a hoot!  It melts my heart to watch him and am so grateful for the videos shared on social media by his parents and his grandmother.  

I sit here now contemplating the day ahead.  Today should be a good day to clean bathrooms, visit the library and do some reading.  A flu shot is scheduled for the middle of the day, I am reminded.  Next week we continue the set up at work for the "floral department" for Christmas.  I look forward to the upcoming weeks immensely as I really enjoy designing with greens.  The fragrance of cedar, spruce and fir alone ought to put everyone in the spirit.

How was your Halloween?

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