12 June 2010

Dratted Little Green Caterpiller!!!

Oh, my poor columbine!  When did that happen? 

I noticed today my columbine is looking rather poorly and straggly.  Upon closer examination I spotted the culprit!  A little green caterpillar.  I had no Sevin in the house, so I opted for a floral dust.  Hope that works.  It is great for Delphinium worm so it should deter if not kill the little worm!  How on earth can something so small create so much damage?  How did I overlook it?  In my defense, it has been raining for days.  The opportunity presented itself and voila!  At least the upper portion still has full leaves and the buds will bloom very soon.  I can't wait!  Like my mother, the columbine is one of my favorites!

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