30 June 2010

Fellow gardeners

photo by Anne M
Welcome visitors!  I love to see so many from around the world.  Isn't it amazing that love for gardening draws so many together?  Please feel free to comment, ask questions, or just say hello.  You can subscribe to this blog and/or follow it on your blog list, if you have a Google account, by adding a simple gadget to your own blog.

Looks like another glorious day here in central north Alberta (Edmonton).  We had a boisterous thunderstorm last evening and through the night.  Clouds still linger but the sun momentarily blinds me as it peeks through my living room window where I write and gaze at the front garden.  High of 20 Celsius forecasted today.  I really must get out and weed and cut the lawn!  Hope you have a wonderful day today!  Good gardening!

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