07 May 2012

All things turquoise, green and vibrant (Enjoy Centre continued)

Back at the Enjoy Centre (same day visit, just new day post).  K and I both had to touch the water pouring from this spout.  Can you figure out how this is done?  I bet you can!

I am loving turquoise this year!  Check out the pots and bird cages.  Such wonderful shades!

There's something about these trees that caught my eye immediately.  How about you?

This gave my friend some ideas in using the petrified wood that she collects.  
There are some beautiful pieces here.

Turquoise and green are very "in" colours this spring!  The inspiration?  Peacocks! 

Vibrancy is popular too!

Gazing Balls, anyone?

Now I am not sure I would install these in my garden, but they do make great subjects for photography.

I spotlighted a lime green and black glass arrangement in my post about my last visit, if you recall.  Here are more combinations which look very sharp with succulents.

 Haven't you always wanted a hammock?

Umm, not the most appropriate angle, now that I look at it.  Oops.  
(Did you notice this guy made a resurgence from our last visit?)

Glow in the dark planters and garden "orbs".  Need I say more?

These paintings, bench and side table are not necessarily part of Holes but they are situated in the Enjoy Centre.  Don't you love the art?  To see this bench in person is something else.  It is simply beautiful!

Isn't this fantastic?  The wall is a perfect colour to show off this piece!

How are you enjoying the Enjoy Centre thus far?

Coming up....behind the scenes peek, trees and shrubs, perennials.

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