05 May 2012

Garden Update...Forsythia beginning to flower, late spring storm damage

 A week has passed since I last photographed the back garden.  Come with me to see what's developed....

The European mountain ash leaf buds are opening, while last year's berries still linger.

The mock orange leaf buds are slowly opening, while the 
Northern Gold Forsythia, below, has a few more open flowers.

 The poor cedar took a beating in the late spring snowfall.

I look at this Mint Julep Juniper, which I have topiaried pom-pom style, and am dismayed at its poor colour.  Do you think it is possible the surrounding stone is too alkaline,
 thus reducing the acidity the evergreens love?

A reflection in the pond of the architectural beauty, Tolleson's Weeping Juniper, above, while below, the tulip is a bit further developed.  I look forward to its opening.

The flower buds on the rhododendron (PJM) are swelling (yay!  I am excited to see so many!!)

The rose bush, Morden Blush, is slowly greening up the stems and pushing forth some new growth.

How is your garden doing this spring?  Not only did I take a few moments to photograph the back garden, a friend and I went out to Enjoy Centre, home of Holes Greenhouses and so much more, so you want to be sure to check with me later to see those photographs!  Let's just say, I went a little camera happy!!  You've gotta do it, though.  Without the photos, you just wouldn't believe me, would you?  

PS, are you a fan of garden gnomes?  Me neither!!! 
So I loved what I saw at Holes today!  Coming soon.....

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