05 May 2012

Edmonton International Airport Wall Comes Alive With Terminal Expansion

Roughly 6000 plants,  32 varieties, will make up the living wall.
Mike Weinmaster of Green Over Grey designed the living wall for the Edmonton International Airport
Green Over Grey designed and planted the Edmonton International Airport's living wall.
A close-up showing how the plants are attached.
A close-up of the plants

The entire wall is made of plants which are grown in pockets in a material like grey felt.  The plants' roots grow into the fabric.   Mimicing the way plants grow on a hillside, the wall is designed so water flows down the material on both sides of the plant.  The water is fortified with nutrients necessary for the plants' health.  Grow lights have been installed to supplement the light received through the windows.

This is something I have got to see for myself.  I've read about cities using living walls along highways to cut down on noise and create natural barriers between the roads and the residences.  Even Holes had a display of a living wall which I captured on camera on my last visit.  It seems to be a "growing" trend!

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Zinnia said...

Unbelievable what a sight! A living wall. I have not seen anything like it. Nice pattern also. I wish you a nice sunday! Zinnia


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