06 May 2012

The Good Stuff Continues at Enjoy Centre

Yes, my friend is hugging the bougainvillea!  Sure you see pink and red bougainvillea 
here in the local greenhouses.  But not yellow.  Until today that is! 
 If you're as passionate about plants as she, you'll love the following....

Feeling passionate?  There's something about Passion Flowers that catches your eye every time.

Mandevilla Vine, above.

Hibiscus, above.

The above are in the same family as African Violets.  These are Streptocarpus.  Aren't they lovely?

 Would you look at this bloom!  WOW!

Hibiscus, above and below.

Striking!  You'll see this petunia again in flats later in this post.

One of many immersion display tables at Holes.  This one filled with colourful annuals.

An almost spent Magnolia bloom.  This is a Dwarf Southern Magnolia.  
Not 100% hardy, and may not bloom as the flower buds open early when we still have danger of frosts.  
But, just the idea of a real magnolia here in Edmonton makes me drool!

Hort Couture!!!  High Fashion Plants!

I love these petunias!  Such a striking combination!

If you may recall from an earlier post, this room above is used for conferences during the off-season.  Now it is filling with masses of colour.  See the man near the centre towards the back?  That is Jim Hole of Hole's Greenhouse and one of the masterminds behind the concept of Enjoy Gardening.

This is what came home with me...for now.  Pansies are hardy to -10 Celsius, so I will harden them off and pot them near the front door for some colour.  I was so tempted by ornamental grasses and cherry tomato plants, azaleas, weeping crabapple, the bi-coloured petunias, ligularia, oh... and the giftware!  Wait til you see!

Still to come:  foliage plants, gift ware, perennials, shrubs  and trees.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your passion for plants!

Holes Greenhouses

Shirley said...

Thank you for visiting, Holes Greenhouses! I am thrilled you found me!


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