05 May 2012

Strung Up!!!!

The above photo is for you gnome lovers, whoever you may be.  Now take a breath and hold.... you may want to look away now....

Ta da!!!  Oh, how I loved this!!!  It may be a tad sadistic of me, but I do not have a fondness for garden gnomes, except in the movie Gnomeo and Juiet.  But this installation at Holes, Enjoy Centre in St. Albert, drew such a grin from me.  As you can see from the following photos, someone has a fun sense of humour and I enjoyed every minute, angle and photo opp!

Gnome Be Gone

 In case it's plastic pink flamingos you despise, you'll love the following.....

Now that you've had a good laugh and a look into my inner psyche....will you come back for the good stuff?  I mean, the really good stuff.  Beautiful flowers including mandevilla, passion flower, bougainvillaea, colourful pansies, unique petunias, and a whole lot more?  
Come then and follow me to the next post.

Wait til you see the giftware!!!  GORGEOUS!!!

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