20 October 2012

Autumn Splendour (as suggested by Kim)

Today my good friend Kim and I participated in the annual Gallery Walk which consisted of visits to several galleries in the downtown core.  It was a blast, so much talent in a central area was thrilling to behold!  If only I had a few thousand dollars extra, there are some beauties I'd love to bring home!

The splendour I am referring to in this post, however, is not that of man's imagination, but rather that which nature shares in a kaleidoscope of vibrancy.  In the vicinity of the galleries are several homes and parks with an abundance of fall colour which I share here.

 Cotoneaster is a wall of reds, oranges and yellows with dots of purple-black berries.

I have always loved weeping Norway Spruce, as seen in the foreground here.

 Grasses have definitely grown on me over the years! 
 This is a lovely specimen, of which there were a few in this garden.

 'Can you see the Inukshuk nestled in behind the bushes?

Too bad I couldn't have the black bag removed but focus, if you will, on the copper door.  
That is a work of art unto itself!  It was likely special ordered and made of perhaps copper or some other fine metal.  It suits the house perfectly!

The roses are still in bloom!

This homeowner erected a modern piece of art in view of their front window.  
Juxtaposed against the willow bench, it is quite the contrast.

Above, a pretty little barberry and below a fire brilliant burning bush.

I love the airy bush in the background here.  I have no idea what it is but you will see a close-up of it later and perhaps you can help me identify it.  

"Dig in the Garden"

A cucumber vine!  I have never seen nor heard of this vine before but Kim advises me that she's heard it is highly invasive.  Obviously it is not self-clinging.  Note the chicken wire through which it is climbing.

Here's the beautiful airy shrub mentioned previously.  So pretty!

There are several birdfeeders nestled amongst the mature trees.

 "Sit and Rest Awhile"

Above and below: larch - the only "evergreen" to drop all its needles every fall.

Autumn can be cloaked in splendid shades and this year has proven spectacular.  I have more photos from today's trip that I'll share tomorrow.  Until then, wherever you are, I hope you are well and snug as a bug tonight. It will be below zero here, the snow has melted, and the wind is mild.  It's been a good day!


Anne said...

lovely pic. like the house with the copper door, dont think, i would want the copper but nice there

Shirley said...

Hey there! We visited seven of the eight galleries on the tour. The last one that we missed was a print gallery and they closed early....six minutes early to be exact. We loved what we saw in the other galleries so it was all good. Such a beautiful day for photography as long as you warm your fingers every so often!

The Daffodil Gallery served hot chocolate and had a live entertainer, a very talented pianist. It was a lovely occasion enjoyed by all!

Karen said...

Thanks for visiting us Shirley - we had a great day too and were happy to help warm folks up with our hot chocolate (don't forget the mini-marshmallows!) Beautiful photos of our lovely neighbourhood :)

Karen and all from the Daffodil

Shirley said...

Hello Karen! I have to let you know your gallery was one of the friendliest on the gallery walk! Such a warm atmosphere. You're doing it right!


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