31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

I invite you to share your images of your jack-o-lanterns with me.  This isn't mine but one that a publisher posted on Facebook.  I haven't yet carved my pumpkin.  Have you?

Happy Halloween!


Stacy said...

Well, they are not the cutest pumpkins ever but here they are:


Happy Halloween!

Shirley said...

Stacy, thanks for sharing your link. I'm sure your children love being able to see their very own jack o lanterns just outside the window. I recall my mom lighting ours and turning off the lights and we, my siblings and I, would hover nearby, enthralled with the magic of the lit face in the dark.

Happy Halloween!

Sheila said...

We carved a squash from our garden and found it was easier to carve than a pumpkin. Our trick or treaters have been dwindling in recent years and this year the doorbell didn't ring once. Happy Hallowe'en!

Karen said...

I didn't carve any this year, but if I had, it certainly wouldn't be worth posting a picture of, ha! I am always amazed by the detail people can carve into a pumpkin. Happy Halloween!


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