20 October 2012

Well-trained Tree

My husband took this photo and commented on how well-trained this tree is.  At first I was like "what?" He was referring to how all the leaves fell in a perfect circle along the drip line.  The owners of this very obedient tree swore they did not rake it into position so, it is a very well-trained tree!

It's snowing here today and promises to do more of the same this upcoming week.  This morning I ran outdoors, jacket over pjs, and moved the bbq to the eastern side of the deck to hopefully prevent more selective wind design, brought in the outdoor rugs and put away the hose and sprinkler in the shed.  There's a good chance we won't be seeing bare ground here again for the next few months and I still haven't raked.  Mind you the poplars and most of the trees in our yard are still fully foliated.  I do hope the snow will melt and gardeners like me in this city will have ample opportunity to put our gardens to rest for the winter.  Fingers crossed!


Kim, Dryad's Tree said...

Gotta love a well trained tree!

Clipped Wings said...

Wow...snow already! Hopefully that's a long ways off here.

Shirley said...

Thanks Kim!!

Dear Clipped Wings: I cannot comment on your blog so I'll just have to say thanks for the visit here. I am so glad your cat is ok!


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