26 June 2013

Giant Hogweed - this monster of a weed is spreading. Do you know how to identify it?

The following site is an excellent tool to identify Giant Hogweed (one of the best sites I've seen).  There are comparison charts of similar looking plants as well.   Giant hogweed identification:

Comparison photos of Queen Anne's Lace and Giant Hogweed:

The following link provides a map of north America, shaded portions indicate where Giant Hogweed has been confirmed:  http://plants.usda.gov/java/profile?symbol=hema17

This link shows what contact with any portion of the plant can do to a human: http://www.hometalk.com/1706763/hogweed


Lavender Cottage said...

Good resources for giant hogweed, an invasive that is showing up along our country roadsides.
I can't see anyone confusing it with Queen Anne's Lace though, as it's small and dainty and the other is a giant.

Karine said...

We had some of that in one of the bigger parcs here in Montreal and they only found out it was there after a child was harmed by it. They blocked off the entire section until some city workers were able to come and get rid of it!


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