23 June 2013

Mosaic Monday - Celebrating Summer With Blooms

I was thrilled to find an upright rattan planter to match the balcony planter that my husband installed on the railing this spring.  Falling in love with this brilliant blue salvia, I planted it in the rattan planter where it adorns the landing at the front steps.  I'm debating on bringing it up by the front door but am wondering just how much partial sun a salvia can get by on and still bloom like this.  The front faces east so by 2pm it is in shade by the front door.

Thrilling update!  The Red Prince Wiegela that I had to cut back severely due to dieback, now has flower buds!!!!  Both the hydrangeas are covered in miniature ball-shaped blossoms.  I'm pretty certain  these are Annabelle hydrangeas, a super hardy variety for our area!

I moved the planter with the palm, gerbera daisies and osteospermum to the back.  I took a chance on having adequate light by the front door but once the existing blooms expired, there was an abundance of lush foliage and very few flower buds.  So off it went to the back deck where it faces west and will receive a lot of sun.  Conundrum, it's very windy back there and the palm won't be too happy about that.  The white miniature rose my son gave me for Mother's Day is blooming happily in full sun and the dahlia is bursting with blooms!  I don't usually go for a lot of colour in my gardens but since the yard is all grass in back and planted with hydrangeas and wiegelas in front, I have only planters in which to garden so I am using a lot of colour and enjoying it in the brilliant hot west sun.  (If only the rain would abate and we'd actually get some nice sunny days!)

Mary is hosting Mosaic Monday.  Won't you stop in for a visit to The Little Red House?


Ms. S said...

I absolutely love your salvia--what a stunner! We have slowly been adding salvias and vernonicas as we love the vertical spikes of colour contrasting with more rounded shapes. And the bees seem to love them too. :)

Lori E said...

Pretty blooms to brighten my day. I hope you are not getting too much rain like your neighbours in Calgary. Yikes.


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