14 June 2013

Holes' Branch Out

Last Saturday a friend and I were in the mood for a nice stroll on a sunny day so off we went towards St. Albert, Alberta to the Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park.  The park is on the western edge of St. Albert and Edmonton, the Sturgeon River flows into Big Lake, while a nearby area is a wonderful marsh replete with birds, ducks and, if you're lucky, you'll see the swans!  (We didn't)

The Sturgeon River flows into Big Lake.  This bridge is one of the two planned to cross the river.)

 Big Lake is large and the water is incredibly blue.  A slight breeze that day made a jacket a welcome addition to the wardrobe but it was perfect weather for birdwatching, which is what we intended to do in addition to getting a little exercise.

As we entered the park we saw a kayaker who eluded the camera but the two in the canoe above seemed to be enjoying a leisurely row on the lake.

The above sign is near a wild life viewing area that overlooks the lake.  We saw Canada Geese, red-winged black bird, the coot, swallows, amongst others.  More photos to follow in the next post.

 Can anyone identify this wild flower?

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