08 October 2013

Fall Colour Project 2013

Above photos were taken near Hillspring, Waterton Lakes National Park, Red Rock Canyon, Edmonton, Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park (Edmonton), and Red Willow Park (St. Albert) between September 2013 and today.

I fell in love with the gazebo, above, located in the Red Willow Park rose garden.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Beautiful colors and gazebo.

Lavender Cottage said...

A pretty mosaic of autumn colours, and I really like that gazebo too.

James Mikkelsen said...

I read with a good amount of interest re: the Swedish Columnar Aspen. I am about to do some landscaping around a home that has 2 of these trees. They are about 4' from the house. Is this too close? The owner is adamant in keeping them which is her choice if she wants to put out money for foundation and pipe problems in a few years. They are about 25' - 30' tall. How difficult would it be to move them? Essentially these and two other trees are the only landscaping they've done even though they have been there for about 7 years. Everyone has their pace and that's fine. I'm just concerned about the trees doing damage. Please reply when you have a moment or two.
Kind Regards,

Shirley said...

Dear Flower Lady Lorraine and Lavender Cottage, I know isn't it beautiful? What I like about it, aside from the wrought iron, is that it doesn't obstruct the view but, rather, enhances it.

Thanks to you both for your kind comments.

Shirley said...

James, are the trees suckering at all? As they have been in place long enough to almost reach their mature height, I am concerned about the foundation of the home. If, however, the homeowner isn't concerned and loves the trees then it is her choice, as you said.

Being that close to the house and at such a height, they may be awkward to remove. I don't know what room you might have for maneuverability so to suggest using a backhoe or other equipment may not be practical. I might suggest cutting them off and then using stump remover on what's left. There's no guarantee that they won't sucker in the meantime and the stump remover may need to be reapplied.

As always use your best judgement should the homeowner concur about their removal. May I reiterate that my neighbour's trees were only a matter of feet away and were suckering near our foundation?

Best wishes with the landscaping.


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