18 April 2014

The Canada Geese Have Returned

 Taken this Tuesday, above and below.  We had a light dusting of snow that day.  Little did we know what was in store....

This is today (below).... a different field, this one across the street from our place, with a pair of Canada Geese trudging through the snow.  Earlier a coyote crossed the field near where this shot was taken.  Mother Nature seems to be mixed up. You know how it goes... April showers bring May flowers... (I recall very rainy Aprils as a child) well it looks like winter is not ready to give up and has been dumping snow upon us, most heavily overnight.  My son is travelling to Vernon BC with his fiancé this weekend to take care of last minute preparations for the reception there.  I hope the highways are much better than the city roads are today.

On another note, it's Easter weekend, today being Good Friday.  Easter egg hunts will likely have to be held indoors this year.  How would you ever find them in this?  I sure hope the weather is much more spring-like where you are.  

Happy Easter everyone!!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Oh my more snow. I hope this will be the last of it for you.

Have a lovely wintry Easter ~ FlowerLady

Shirley said...

I hope it's the last as well! In fact, we all do!!

Happy Easter!


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