01 March 2011

"March"ing in Like a Lion

The lion is a majestic and proud creature.  He stands as monarch in his kingdom.  He roars like the great beast he is, bringing terror to those within hearing range.  Welcome to March!!  The bitter beginning of what should be the last month of winter.  It is brazeningly cold, biting stinging air takes your breath away and freezes your skin within minutes.  March is coming in like a lion.  In true form.

It's another cold, read -33C with the windchill, day here in Edmonton.  It snowed yesterday and has been cold for the last week with a miniscule break Friday and Saturday.  Today a ribbon of harsh cold creates a swath running horizontal through the province.  It's boundaries are Lac LaBiche in the north and Red Deer and surrounding area to the south.  Windchills are near -45 Celsius in Lloydminster.  Skin freezes within 5 minutes when exposed to temperatures in that range!  It shall remain in the frigid temperature range all week!!  The average high for Edmonton this time of year is -3 Celsius. 

So, on the bright side, when month end rolls around and the first official day of spring has come and gone,  March should go out like a lamb, as the saying goes.  Get this, Shreveport Louisiana is 40 degrees warmer than us today!!!  Get me a ticket on that airplane!!

That's My World, Tuesday  March 1, 2011.


Pat said...

BRRRR!! And I think it's cold when it's 34 F ( 1 or 2 C) here (northern California)! I can't imagine -45 C. Keep warm!!

aka Penelope said...

That IS cold. Staying indoors would be the only option in such extreme weather. Looks like even the plant could use a coat or a blanket. I know such harsh temperatures cannot compare to the relatively mild BC climate. But it has been obsessively chilly here as well as windy and cold. We had serious gusts of wind on the Westcoast yesterday and the lights went out for a while. We are all more than ready for spring!


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