26 March 2011

Meeting Frank Ferragine

Yesterday I attended the Home and Garden Show and got to meet Frank Ferragine!!  Before he did his presentation, my daughter and I were in the area and he came out and greeted us.  We talked about weather and gardening a bit before the show.   He is just as charming and funny as on tv!   Sad thing, my batteries for my camera were dead and I didn't get a photo with Frank.  I had to go to the mall and buy some more.  Oh well, I did get some good photos at the show and will post them later.

I wonder if the coordinators ever attended Canada Blooms?  If not, they should.  The Home and Garden Show here seems more like the renovation show!  Very little to do with gardening.  Kudos to the Nait landscape architecture students who made a stunning garden display complete with flowering shrubs, pathways, and a little patio area.  It was the best thing there!!

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Sheila said...

I'm not surprised to hear you comment on the Home and Garden show the way you did. I've never been but developed a bad taste years ago for shows like that. It would be wonderful to see Canada Blooms - it sounds fantastic! Even better would be to have a longer spring and summer...I sill am finding it difficult to adapt to so many months of winter in Alberta after almost 17 years here. Keep smiling though - with any luck next month we'll see some other colours outside!


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