20 May 2011

A Mist Settled Over the Land

This scene greeted me Thursday morning.

 I stepped outside to soak it in.  The air was heavily laden with a thick misty fog that smelled of the poplars, the flowering trees nearby and the wood shavings mulch in the beds.  Such a fragrance that one must draw slow deep breaths to truly enjoy.  Hoping it lingers moments longer, refreshing, and alluring.
The mist that encompassed the land rested there a few hours until the warmth of the sun diverted it and warmed the earth in golden rays.  Twas a glorious start to the day.

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travelholic said...

fogs at their finest! when you're driving, stay extra careful on the road! :)

Hope to see you at my pages! :)

Carletta said...

I love the quiet and introspective of a foggy day. :)
Lovely images and I enjoyed reading your words along with them. I felft like I was there.

Thanks for your visit!

Dimple said...

Sometimes a mist is just the thing needed. It sounds like this one was one of those!

eden said...

Lovely foggy scene. I love to take pictures on foggy morning.

ramblingwoods said...

Lovely...beauty even in fog and mist


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