23 May 2011

Selecting the Right Hydrangea

Are you considering adding an Endless Summer Hydrangea to your garden? The beauty of an Endless Summer Hydrangea is that they are bred specifically to bloom on old and new wood. What does that mean to the northern gardener? We know hydrangeas will usually die back to the ground in the north, particularly after a harsh winter. The beauty of the Endless Summer series is if the plant does die right back, it will still bloom on the new wood that grows the coming season. In the south, it means an abundance of blooms on new and old wood! Double yay for you!!

There are three varieties of Endless Summer Hydrangeas available as of this year. They are the original Endless Summer Hydrangea in pink or blue (depending on the ph of your soil), Blushing Bride hydrangea (starts white and blushes to pink as it matures) and Twist 'N Shout (a lacecap) which came out last year. Watch the video to see the distinguishing features of these varieties.

Endless Summer Hydrangeas are hardy to zone 4 but many zone 3 gardeners have had luck growing these. Plant where it will receive at least 6 hours of sun a day. If it is really hot, afternoon shade between 3 and 6 pm is beneficial. Watch for more posts on this blog for information on caring for Endless Summer Hydrangeas.

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ramblingwoods said...

I have Big Daddy I think and they are in the shade...


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