23 May 2011

Slave Lake Update

Happy long weekend everyone!  Saturday and Sunday were extraordinarily nice here with highs in the low 20s (Celsius).  Today, however, is much cooler and rainy.  As I write this at 9:30 in the morning, it is only 5C and rainy, and a little blustery too.  This is not unusual for Edmonton, though.  It seems that in the last 8 or so years, there has been only one super nice May long weekend and that was my first May long weekend working at the greenhouse.  One year we had snow and the outdoor area of the greenhouse had to be shovelled!  We've had rainy Victoria Day weekends in May too, much like today.  So, this is not unusual, nor is it unwelcome here.  We've had a drier than normal spring, so the yard is not only thankful but so are the firefighters who've been working diligently trying to quash the over 70 fires still burning in our province.

Today, some of the residents of Slave Lake are being bussed into their town to surmise the damage.  Some homes were lost and some businesses too, as the fire raged its way through town.  There are still hot spots, I understand, and now water, electricity and gas have to be restored to the town.  Those on the bus will not be allowed to examine their homes up close, but at least they will be able to see if their home still stands.  It will be devastating for many, but it helps in getting closure.  Tomorrow, more will be taken by bus to the townsite. 

Keep these towns people in your prayers.  Should you wish to offer help, as many will have to rebuild their lives, you may do so by contacting the Canadian Red Cross 1-800-418-1111.

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ramblingwoods said...

I will keep this in my thoughts..so many are suffering this year...


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