10 August 2011

In My Neighbourhood

My neighbour's Endless Summer Hydrangea is blooming.  Our soil is alkaline, here in Edmonton, so the bloom is pink.  Hers is blooming but mine isn't.  Hmmm.  Could be the move last autumn from part-shade to full sun.  Mine didn't bloom last year so I decided it needed more sun.  We'll see.

Near the ravine, several homeowners plant beyond their fences.  Here a homeowner planted pumpkin, I think.  Several others plant flowers or raspberries.

A huge mushroom.  I've seen a lot of these and other fungi this summer.  They love all this rain.

My favourite back yard in the area, above.  This one backs onto the ravine as well.

Another neighbour is growing this pretty little poppy in the front garden.  I like how this photo captures the flower in its different stages of opening.

Liatris is starting to bloom, while the groundcover, Lamium, is complementary in pink.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce in spiral form.  A few neighbours thought this was a good idea this spring.  Not all have fared as well as these, though, turning brown before summer is even done.  I hope they weren't expensive.

The gorgeous maple!!  It is the beginning of August and this pretty tree was already in full finery by the end of July.  Such a beautiful tree!

She loves her flowers!  Look at all these planters!  I'd love to see her back garden!

One of the most beautiful small landscape trees, the Russian Olive, flowers late spring and the scent is divine.  Love the foliage of soft grey/green which hangs on well into the winter.  Look at the furrows in the bark!  This tree's bark darkens over the years, sometimes looking rather charcoal which is a lovely combination with the foliage.

What's blooming in your neighbourhood?  Do you take your camera with you when you walk your dogs?  (like I sometimes do)

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Clipped Wings said...

Thank you for the wonderful tour. Russian Olives are beautiful trees, but too much of a weed tree here.


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