27 August 2011

New Book, "Seeing Trees", Giveaway Link

Seeing Trees:  Discover the Extraordinary Secrets of Everyday Trees

We see trees everywhere. We enjoy their shade, their form, their foliage and, sometimes, their flowers.  But have you ever taken a few moments to really "see" the tree - to inspect the bark and the nuances that set it apart from other species, smelled the almost invisible flowers of a Russian Olive, or investigated the whorls and layers of a pinecone?  

A new book, Seeing Trees by Nancy Ross Hugo and Robert Llewellyn, profiles the very intricacies of a tree with stunning photography teaching us an entirely new perspective.  

The contest

Timber Press is giving away:
  • A signed, 16"×20" print of a Robert Llewellyn photograph from Seeing Trees, custom matted and framed (see image below)
  • A signed copy of Seeing Trees
All you need to enter the contest is an email address. The contest ends September 9!  Giveaway link for Seeing Treeshttp://www.timberpress.com/seeingtrees?s=seeing&a=3.

Watch for my review of Seeing Trees coming soon here at The Gardening Life.

*October 10/11 - Note, due to unforseeable delays in shipping, I have just received a copy of Seeing Trees.  Watch for the review here soon.


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