19 September 2011

Frost Warning and First Day of Autumn for the Northern Hemisphere

Drats, folks, I have to say the "f" word.  FROST!!!  What did you think I meant?  Twice during the last week we received a light frost, but nothing that did any damage to the vegetables still growing in containers.  Today I harvested all the tomatoes, red and green, some oregano and parsley, green peppers and carrots.  I brought in the basil and geranium and covered the fuchsia.  Tonight I covered the remaining oregano and parsley with a sheet as we now have an official frost warning.  Lows near 4 Celsius, which could just as easily dip below zero, especially in outlying areas.  Mittens or driving gloves are recommended for the morning, folks.  Autumn has arrived, though not officially until Friday, September 23, as shown in the table below.  And you know what that means....right?

YearNorthern Hemisphere
Fall - Autumn begins on ...
2009Tuesday, September 22
2010Wednesday, September 22
2011Friday, September 23
2012Saturday, September 22
2013Sunday, September 22
2014Tuesday, September 23
2015Wednesday, September 23


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Oh dear is it officially Autumn, at least it is still hot here.

Rambling Woods said...

No frost here but inland there has been some..oh dear..fall


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