13 November 2012

54 Year Old Dream

If you are into following the rodeo circuit, you've probably heard of Lee Ann Rust.  Lee Ann is 54 years old, a barrel racer, and last year won the WPRA Rookie of the Year Trophy.  She is incredibly inspiring!

I first saw her on an interview on our local Breakfast Television program with Ryan Jesperson.  He told her of all the interviewees, and he mentioned entrepreneurs who are mothers, and woman of the year nominees; she was the most inspiring to him.

The discussion went on to her barrel racing career and how she fed her dreams.  At the age of 54, Lee Ann Rust qualified for the Canadian Finals Rodeo, a goal of hers.  She did compete here in Edmonton this past week and my son and his girlfriend attended and got this autographed photo for me!  Thank you Matti and Ty!!

Lee Ann says of dreams,"We don't kill our dreams, our dreams die of starvation because we quit feeding them."  She advises us to keep feeding the dream, don't let it die.  She kept her dream alive in one form or another by always being associated with horses. 

She says we need to picture a "big hairy audacious goal"on top of a mountain.  Don't look down at the ruts but keep your eyes focused on the top of that mountain.  "Where you're at today is a result of what you were thinking yesterday."

Her winning strategy, that keeps her on track and winning against people 30 years younger than herself, is mental.  "You are what you think you are.  You become what you think."

The thoughts of a winner.

You can watch the video here.


Karen said...

Words of inspiration for certain! I have to think positive thoughts in order to succeed. Wonderful post!

Shirley said...

How true it is! What we think, positive or negative, does influence the outcome!

Oh, and Karen, the ball is not a ladder. Ok? ;)


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