04 November 2012

Sunny, Foggy, a Coyote Spotting, Argo and Mucho Burrito

As we headed out yesterday afternoon on a date, my hubby and I, we spotted a coyote in this area.  By the time my camera turned on and zoomed, he was on to me and slipped behind a knoll where the camera couldn't capture him.  I was surprised at how fluffy and cuddly he looked!  But be aware, there was a reported coyote attack upon a dog in the river valley earlier this season.  Though coyotes are supposedly afraid of humans, there have been the odd times when one or more have gotten a little courageous.  Case in point, a few years ago a coyote was found riding in the elevator at the university!  Wildlife officers were called in and he was relocated without incident.  But imagine that ingenuity!  We live with wild creatures around us, even in a big city, but the two shouldn't mix.

Going back a moment to our date yesterday, we went to the film Argo.  If you are looking for an exciting, edge of your seat movie to attend, check out Argo.  It's based on the true story of six Americans holed up in the Canadian ambassador's home in Iran in the early 1970's when the American embassy was stormed by the Iranian people.  It was a dangerous time to be an American in Iran.  The script revolved around the efforts of one man, Mendez, who went to Iran as a filmmaker with new identities for the six and the race against time to retrieve the six before they were captured.  Right up to the end, it was intense.  The conclusion drew applause from several patrons.  Warning, a lot of language and violent content.

Last evening hubby, daughter and I went to Mucho Burrito for supper as our son was hosting a double date at our house.  It was my first time eating at Mucho Burrito and I would definitely go again.  Prices are low and the portions are large.  

This quesadilla was under $8.00 and was too much for me to finish in a meal.  Served with freshly made salsa and sour cream, it was delicious!

This morning greeted us with an extra hour of sleep and the sun well on its way up.  A bit foggy to the east, which I tried to capture here, it looks like another lovely day.

These tracks, below, are fresh, trekking between the neighbour's house and ours.  His back yard is not gated.  I wonder who visited there?  A hare perhaps?

It's a perfect sunny Sunday morning!  Go enjoy your day.  


Anne said...

interesting. sounds like a nice lunch too, we had a bunny sitting on the mound yesterday. i told lyle to watch him as i went to garage to drive out, he stayed there as i walked by, but left when he heard the garage door open. lyle got to see him do his stretches before he took off

Shirley said...

Rabbits and hares are quite entertaining. I haven't had the privilege of watching the stretch workout though. Have a wonderful day!

Sheila said...

I had a close encounter of the coyote kind just the day before yesterday when I walked into the kitchen and spotted a coyote just steps beyond our deck. He was not at all afraid as I opened the door and tried to shout him away - just kept looking up walking away a few paces and then circling around and looking back at me - it was a little too close for comfort and I hope the rifle shots my husband fired scared him away for good. Thanks for the restaurant review - I'll google it!

Shirley said...

Hi Sheila! The coyotes seem to be getting rather brave of late. I hope the rifle shot did scare him away for good! Do be careful!

Thanks for the tip on Picasa!


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