02 March 2013

Greenland Inspiration (Come see Greenland's Indoor Winter Garden)

Last Saturday my friend Kim and I headed for a favourite destination to get some much needed rejuvenation.  The scent of the plants and soil invigorated me and the beauty to behold reaffirmed why Greenland is one of our all-time favourite greenhouse destinations.  Join me for a small tour that is sure to make your green thumb itch for spring.

Terrariums and dish gardens like the one above seem to be the new trend in gardening.  
Even *lifestyle stores are incorporating them into their merchandising.

As, the sweet orchid!  Someday I shall add this beauty to my home.  
I am told they are not nearly so difficult to grow as some would believe.

There is always a pond in Greenland's winter garden and this one is large with short waterfalls and a stream.  Colourful Koi glide through crystal clear water, pleasing visitors of all ages.

Don't you love the bright splash of colour offered by this collection of bromeliads?

This leaf inspired table and chair set caught my eye so I captured it from a few angles.

Missing our twisted Young's Weeping Birch from our old house.  This one was masterfully trained in a tight twist.

 The perennial geranium was actually a deeper purple than my camera could portray with 
the bright lighting.

The plant groupings are good examples for gardeners to mimic in their own gardens.  
It's helpful to see a more mature specimen in relation to others so one can design accordingly.

A dogwood in bloom, above and below.

Hostas are one of my favourite perennials.

The tender fiddleheads of a young fern gently uncurl above.

Rhododendrons will always have a spot in my heart and hopefully again in a future garden.

Another angle showing the gentle incline of the leaf table top.

There's nothing like tulips and irises to brighten a day!

Above and below, white calla lilies.  The double calla lily flower begged capture in the last photo here.

From here we went to Salisbury Greenhouse, also in Sherwood Park, just east of Edmonton.  
It's totally a different feel than Greenland but still very much worth the visit.


Carole M. said...

lovely places to visit; hope they had a café there to stop a while and enjoy more. I especially liked the Oriental bell in the first image

Betsy said...

Hi- I enjoyed the garden tour and one of your newest followers.
I have an orchid that I have kept alive for 3 years and it actually blooms, I was surprised that it lived for me.
I was told by a volunteer at the gardens I visited orchids are easy to grow, so maybe I will try another.
Happy Sunday


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