16 March 2013

Another Snow Day (the dogs have the right idea)

This is the scene this morning.  What this photo doesn't show is the continual fall of snow.  
Please ignore the glow on the left.  It's the reflection off my window.

Minutes later, no sun to be seen.  What felt like spring last week, feels like winter again this week.  We had a heavy snowfall warning Thursday and Friday.  They were fairly accurate on that.

If this forecast is any indication, winter is here for a while longer.  Perhaps March will go out like a lion, as it came in like a lamb.  Too soon to tell, though.  It's only the middle of the month.

 The dogs have the right idea!  
It's a snow day, alternatively, the perfect day to curl up with a blanket and, 
in my case, a good book!

 Staying warm indoors today.  Hope you are too.


Bernie H said...

The forecast doesn't look good! It certainly looks like old man Winter is not quite ready for a his holiday. I hope you enjoy your snuggly snow day spending time with a good book. I think I'd be following the dog's example too.

Shirley said...

Bernie, you're right! I did read a bit and watched a few episodes of Rosemary and Thyme, a British mystery with a gardening theme. I love it!

Bernie H said...

Sounds like a pretty good day despite the horrible snowy weather. I like Rosemary and Thyme too. Those girls are just fabulous!

Shirley said...

Rosemary and Thyme are fabulous, aren't they. I am now on the second season. It doesn't get old!


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