09 March 2013

Top of the day to you. Alright, eh?

A beautiful sunrise bid good morning today, while I prepared English "Bangers,"
 an English sausage, with eggs over easy and toast.

It's going to be a terrific day!

I'm feeling inspired by all things British this morning.  I'm reading a historical fiction, Passing Bells, based in Britain; had an English themed breakfast, and am hoping to get in an episode of Rosemary and Thyme that a good friend sent to me.  

I enjoy a theme every now and then.  

A friend of mine would celebrate themed Christmases every year with her children.  Each year the theme would be of Christmas from another country.  One year it was Mexico, another year would be themed for another country.  It sounds like it was fabulous fun and I wish I'd thought of doing the same when our children were growing up.  

Now, every so often, I'll plan a meal based on the cuisine of another country.... Chinese, Italian, French.  It really helps take the drudgery out of the daily cooking.  Honestly, I cook only because we have to eat but when I can prepare something a little out of the ordinary, themed perhaps, I find it a lot more fun.  Do you?

Did I mention we have two hydrangea bushes out front?  As the snow is finally beginning to recede with the recent warm temperatures, I can see the dried blooms much better.  I can hardly wait for spring to arrive so I can discover what variety of hydrangea we have here.  It doesn't appear to by an Annabelle but I assume, given the height of the shrubs, it must be a hardy variety.  (this house is only about four years old)

Visiting the greenhouses last weekend certainly whet my appetite for gardening.  I'm already conjuring images of planters for the front and back decks.  We face east in front and west in the back, two directions we haven't previously landscaped/gardened in, so I'm looking forward to experimenting with new plant and colour combinations.

Go out there and enjoy this glorious day.

Looking forward to spring....


Shirley said...

I've changed the clip on my header as this month welcomes spring. I can't wait!!!

Clipped Wings said...

I guess I do Italian themes mostly, just because I love Italian food; but a different country every once in a while would be fun and a bit challenging. All that snow...brrrrr! We've only had a few dustings of the white stuff this year.


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