03 May 2016

Heat Wave in May

It is only May 3 and we are experiencing a heat wave.  Yesterday we surpassed the forecast of 28 C by one degree.  We broke a record.  Sometimes it's an accomplishment to break records, but this isn't one.  Our entire province is warmer than normal and we are in a drought too.  Wildfires have already become a problem, some very close to the city of Fort McMurray which required evacuations.  

It's been an early spring here and for much of western Canada.  While gardeners are chomping at the bit, there could still be a risk of frost.  If we don't get frost between now and June it'll be a record, I'm sure.  Is it too early to plant?  I see this all the time on the gardening Facebook pages.  Some crops can be planted now for sure:  potatoes, carrots, radishes, turnip....so basically root vegetables and those vegetables that like cool weather.  

The Schubert Chokecherry blossoms began opening yesterday and last evening you could smell the sweet fragrance wafting through the night air when I opened the front door.  If I could bottle one fragrance, that would be it!

I'm planning what I will put in planters and, like you, am excited for the growing season. However, I am REALLY looking forward to the cooler temperatures, short-lived though they appear to be.  Chow for now!

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