04 May 2016

Help for Fort McMurray Evacuees (Wildfire Forces Evacuation of City)

The incredibly devastating fire in Fort McMurray continues to burn as the entire city has been evacuated.  The city of Edmonton is expecting approximately 18,000 people to arrive and they are trickling in.  Those who flew out are beginning to arrive by bus from the airport and those who are driving are just arriving.  In Edmonton the official reception centre is Northlands which has made accommodations in two halls available for evacuees, equipped with beds, blankets, food, coffee, restrooms and showers.

The response from surrounding communities has been astounding with offers of help including accommodations for families and pets.  
There are a couple Facebook pages set up to offer assistance including accommodations, offers of pet boarding, land to park RVs, etc.  


“Canada is a country where we look out for our neighbours. Fort McMurray, difficult times, we’re going to unite around across the country,” Trudeau said Wednesday morning in Ottawa.

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