03 May 2016

Wildfire Forces Evacuation in Fort McMurray

Global News Edmonton

A wildfire that began Sunday afternoon has grown to ferocious proportions, forcing residents of Fort McMurray to evacuate.  Tuesday morning looked like a a calm start to the day with no visible smoke but the winds picked up early afternoon and it spread endangering several neighbourhoods, the hospital, and downtown.

MacDonald Island had been designated a refuge for evacuees but the latest report I saw at 7:35 pm indicated it too is now under an ordered mandatory evacuation.

**A Facebook page has been set up to help those who have been evacuated and may be headed to Edmonton and surrounding area.  If you can help or if you need assistance, please see:   https://m.facebook.com/groups/1616840568638530  (Fort McMurray evac relocation help group. )

The entire province of Alberta is dry due to below average snowfall over the winter and very little rain this spring.  These factors combined with the above average heat contribute to an early prime wildfire season, thus much of Alberta is under a fire ban.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Praying that the fire will be brought under control soon, and for all of those affected by it.


Shirley said...

Thank you Lorraine. Our prayers are with them.

There's been a lot of devastation but the latest report indicates the fire is moving east, out of town. Hopefully the winds don't shift. My husband knows a lot of people in Fort McMurray and does business with several of them. This is particularly hard on him as he has made a lot of friends over the years.

Our city is expected to receive 18 000 evacuees. Due to gridlock, the trip is taking as long as 13 hours. (it usually takes 6). I will continue to update on the blog.


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